At ETA-APME, we provide full-service solutions to our customers by integrating CAE with design and development. Our experienced team provides advanced services and CAE software to a variety of industries including automotive, aerospace, medical equipment, consumer electronic, appliance, civil engineering, renewable resources and alternative energy vehicles. . 


Our team is skilled at analyzing all aspects of product development, from initial CAE and design to tool design and manufacturing considerations.


ETA-APME supports the following industries:

Automotive/ Heavy Truck - (component to full vehicle) interior, body & chassis/suspension, NVH, product optimization, weight reduction, virtual testing, crash/occupant safety & virtual proving ground simulations.  

Aerospace - (component and subsystem) landing gears, crash/occupant safety, vibration simulations, formability simulations, production support, product optimization.

Military - vehicle development, virtual testing, component and subsystem design & verification,virtual proving ground simulations, shock and blast simulations, durability and fatigue analysis, production support, roll-over simulations.  

Appliances - packaging optimization, drop test simulations, analyzing loadcases, mass reduction, formability simulations, product quality improvement through optimization.  

Civil Engineering - CAE applications for crash/safety, vehicle bridge impacts, barrier impact & vibration simulations.

Medical Products - Mass reduction, stress/deflection analysis, fatigue analysis, solid modeling with eta/VPG,advanced drop test simulations, durability analysis, formability analysis & production support. 

Consumer Electronics - Loadcase analysis (vibration effects), simulated product drop testing, packaging optimization,forming and manufacturability analysis, product mass reduction, predict/prevent forming problems early in the development process through design improvement, product quality improvement through optimization.

Alternative Energy Vehicles -- Full vehicle, sub-system & component development, design validation, crash & occupant safety, metal forming simulation & production support.

Renewable Resources - Turbine design - dynamic behavior & load prediction, wind load simulation,durability analysis, damage tolerance, fatigue life prediction & optimization, noise simulation & optimization, solar panel engineering -  damage resistance, atmospheric Impact, design robustness.